What We Do

Trading: at Optima Energy, we are renowned for trading, shipping and risk management of crude oil and other petroleum products that include LPG, naphtha, middle distillates, gasoline, VGO, fuel oil, base oils and bitumen, amongst others. The experience we have garnered from trading across the globe has helped us to establish reliable and efficient operations while providing stability in the marketplace. Optima's consistency in physical oil trading has helped our traders to remain in constant touch with global oil markets.
Investment: we are continuously on the lookout for new investment opportunities that will give a boost to our current assets and activities. So far, our success in the downstream sector has informed our decision to take a bigger delve towards exploring new opportunities in this sector. Our robust investment portfolio and the excellent results we derive from our operations have been a sign of good omen and we continue to build on this day by day.

Premium Motor Spirit
(PMS or Petrol)

Automative Gas Oil
(AGO or Diesel)

Household Kerosene
(HHK or Kerosene)

Aviation Turbine Kerosene
(ATK or Aviation fuel)

Base Oil

Liquefied Petroleum Gas